Looking for Proof

Richard Dawkins doesn’t believe God exists. He is, perhaps, the most big-mouthed atheist in our culture, meaning he’s written several books and been forthright about his scorn for those who believe in the nonsense of religion.

Once, when I was supposed to be busy doing something else, I imagined what I would say if I met Dawkins and was drawn into conversation about the existence of God. As I was mentally in conversation with Dawkins, I picked up my cup to take a drink, thinking it contained tea. When my taste buds collided with my coffee, I was disillusioned. I had expected tea, but tasted coffee. As my mind took a moment to catch up with reality I experienced one of those split seconds that seems to suspend time for a minute.

How ironic, I thought. Dawkins has long ago decided there is no God (and when asked what he would do if he met God after life, Dawkins quoted another atheist, saying, “I’d ask him why he hid himself.”). Dawkins has placed expectations upon the existence of God. When expectation that is misled meets reality, disillusionment results. Right now Dawkin’s hasn’t “sipped from the cup”. But in that first moment after he drinks death he will experience great disillusionment, for instead of “tea”, he’ll taste “coffee.”

 I might have some great arguments to present to Dawkins, but ultimately, I couldn’t prove God exists. God has made Himself unable to be proved. He is not a math equation with an answer at which only smart people arrive. His absolute sovereignty and very nature place himself outside of our reasoning abilities. He is greater than our intellect and beyond our understanding because He is our Creator.

If we could prove there was a God then we wouldn’t have free choice. Our proof of Him would be grounds for power over Him. Any evidence would demand our allegiance and negate freedom of choice. Free choice is one of the foundational principles of who we are as people made in God’s image. We either choose by faith to put our trust in Him as He has revealed Himself, or we choose to disregard Him. His revelation to us does not come in the form of a riddle with a tricky answer, but rather comes to us as an invitation to faith. Next time you are looking for proof, turn instead to His revealed Word and respond in faith.


One thought on “Looking for Proof

  1. Sondra, I really look forward to your posts! You have a beautiful way of expressing your thoughts. I am going to put a link to your blog on my facebook page so that more people will be blessed!


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