He Guides the Humble

“He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way.” Psalm 25:9

Have you heard the phrase “a teachable spirit”? It’s one of the phrases I heard often growing up, probably because I thought I knew it all. I’ve sense just how limited my knowledge is. Humility comes with age, I guess.

A teachable spirit is simply this: a humbleness to learn. Before we can be taught we must be humble. We must acknowledge our limits of understanding in order to receive greater knowledge.

So why does God guide the humble? Because he can. He can’t guide the proud. They are too busy guiding themselves.

Here are a few questions to test your level of teachability:

Am I offended when someone corrects me?

Do I resist the advice of others?

Do I read the Bible like it has an authoritative voice in my life?

Am I quick to give advice?

Are there people in my life that I listen to and consider wise?

If we don’t find it necessary to listen to the wisdom of others, to put ourselves under the authority of God’s word, then we probably lack a teachable spirit. If we are offended when others provide constructive criticism, or if we snub our noses at the advice of others, then we probably lack a teachable spirit.

A teachable spirit seeks out the guidance of the Lord, and the wisdom of his saints. A teachable spirit looks to others within community and does not fly solo. A teachable spirit prays before offering advice to others.


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