Abounding Grace

011The grace journey: Grace with us now, and more grace waiting around the corner.

I can hardly read the paper anymore. Headlines flash violence, corruption, accidents. Fear needles through me. What if? I hear the stories. I watch friends suffer. And something dark whispers, “You’re next.”

It’s bear hunting season. We see the trucks parked all over McDowell county. So when my husband takes my three-year-old hiking, and they’re away longer than I expect, anxiety surges strong: “what if’s” followed by the doubts of God’s goodness.  What if my husband was accidentally shot? What if he’s fallen and my son is confused and doesn’t know how to go for help. He’s wandering the woods scared. Or maybe it’s him who’s had the accident, slipped into the river . . . .

Grace for the moment.

There’s saving grace, then there’s abounding grace. The grace that springs into motion when we fall into need. How is it that we need not be anxious about anything (Philippians 4:6) but we have freedom to give thanks in all circumstances?

Because we know grace is waiting. It’s crouched around the corner of our struggles. Waiting to pounce when we feel overwhelmed by the world.

We can trust the Grace Giver to pour out abundantly to meet our needs. I don’t need the grace to handle the death of a spouse–not now. And if I need that grace later, I can trust it to be there. Though I can’t imagine being able to handle some situations I’ve watched church family navigate through, their strength testifies to God’s abundant grace.

And I’m encouraged. Encouraged by the struggling saints who are able to withstand more than they thought they could.

Are you wondering today if you’ll have enough grace to make it through?

May God’s abounding grace find you and lavish on you all His goodness. He is faithful, and He will do it.


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