The Delight in the Manger


Psalm 16

I’ve always loved this verse. It breathes goodness, security, and promise. In the unstable ruckus of today’s world, we need this reminder that God has set boundaries for us out of love, not only in our personal lives (through the circumstances and personalities he’s given us) but in our spiritual lives. He’s not left us guessing, but given us his word and law as direction. Standards that lead to freedom.

So how does this verse point us to Jesus?

In Jesus, we are given an example of how to live a life pleasing to God. God’s ways embodied. His boundaries exemplified. It’s like God’s large finger reaches down to earth and traces the boundaries for us. Jesus is the ink circling our lives. His boundaries are light and hope, joy and peace. When we stay within the bounds of Jesus, we please the Lord, we receive the inheritance.

What is this inheritance? None other than the baby in the manger. The wisemen may have brought him gifts, but He is the gift to us. The everlasting, never spoiling, inheritance. He brings into this dark world an inheritance of salvation, and the promise of an eternity with the holy Father.

Receive this Christmas, not only the miracle of the baby, but the boundaries of the Lord: His ways, His rules, His inheritance.


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