Communal Joy

Never more than at Christmas time do we speak of joy, and never more than at Christmas time do people ache because of the lack of joy in their lives. Smiles are plastered on countenances, but the happiness is only face deep.

We need the mercy of God’s joy, and thankfully for us, that mercy burst into the world years ago.

shared joy

After Zechariah and Elizabeth, long barren, announced the birth of their son, John, Luke records that the people shared her joy. They rejoiced for her because God had done the impossible. God had shown mercy. Mercy led to joy, and joy led to community.

Joy brings us together, and the joy of Christmas, specifically, unites us in celebration of the Savior. In a season full of gifts, let’s give each other the gift of joy.

Perhaps you’re not able to give the gift of joy this season. If you’re struggling with joy this Advent season, don’t struggle alone. Tell others, invite them to pray with you. Receive from them their joy–answered prayer, an unexpected opportunity, a promotion, a new child or house or job . . . We are the community of Christ, not only meant to bear each other’s burdens, but share each other’s joys.

Most important, may we all share his joy, the joy of the one and only, sent to earth for us.


One thought on “Communal Joy

  1. Good advice for someone who is struggling this season with joy… tell someone and get prayer. Bad circumstances can rob us of our joy…it’s one of Satan’s best ways of bringing discouragement. Thank you for this reminder, Sondra, to be mindful of others and what they may be experiencing this season.


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