Unless the Lord…

Have you ever looked at the world–at your life and circumstances–and asked ‘what is the meaning of this’?

Let me tell you: there is no meaning, unless…

“Unless the Lord builds the house, its builder labors in vain.” Psalm 127:1

This is the secret to life. Without the Lord, all is vanity. At the end of the day, what is it worth without Jesus?

The tragedy of sin is that it sucks meaning from life. But the beauty of grace is that Jesus pours the beauty back in. Our hope is that all the meaningless is turned upside down on the cross.

psalm 103

The temptation, when viewing the sin-struck world, is to give in to the meaninglessness of all things broken instead of seeing the cross as the faucet of grace that cleanses the dirt of this world. Please, let’s remember that nothing has meaning without Jesus–and in that truth is so much hope. Because with Jesus is so much meaning. Meaning that transcends the petty daily struggles that slap us. Meaning that’s everlasting! Amen.


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