There’s nothing like being in a crowd of people to make me feel small and insignificant. As an introvert, noise, smells, and sights overload my senses until a feeling of loneliness wraps around me. The world is a large place, thick with conflict and wrought with needs. How do I fit into that? When I read Christianity Today’s article on 33 people under 33 who are making a difference–well, I feel small then, too.

And then I read Psalm 135:4.

Psalm 135, 4

Chosen. The words is full of intentionality. God doesn’t play spin the globe and point his finger. When he invites you into his kingdom, he wants you for his own. A treasured possession, not a forgotten, stuffed in the attic, piece of junk. You have his image stamped upon you. And when you invite Jesus into your heart, you have his Spirit within you–a deposit guaranteeing what is to come. How much more treasured can you be?

So next time the crowd presses in around you and you feel lost in the shuffle, remember the Chooser sees you. He treasures you. You are his.



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