Advent Preview

Friends, I’m excited this year to commit to daily advent posts, in some manner (in other words, not always a lengthy theological treatise). These posts will perhaps be some of my most honest, being that I am writing from a vulnerable place in my life right now. I’ll be asking some friends to guest post and encouraging your comments. Hopefully, we’ll make the journey of advent not only a celebration, but a communal experience!

manger star

Some things I’ll be pondering:

How do we make a traditional season fresh and relevant?

How do we celebrate something from a place of brokenness?

Can we strip away the commercialism of Christmas and find a wellspring of joy?

Who initiates Advent? The Church calendar, our penchant for a good celebration, or the call of God?

Is the liturgy of Advent worth it or should we cut that out as well as commercialism?

Your turn: What are your initial feelings when Advent is mentioned? Do you dread the fast-paced season or relish the opportunity to focus on Christ’s birth?


One thought on “Advent Preview

  1. You know, I read a post on another blog recently about how Christians have become Christmas Scrooges and that we should be celebrating–Christ’s birth should be a reason for a party like none other. Got me thinking…I don’t love the commercialism, but there was something in that post that hit me between the eyes. I’m curious to see what God teaches me this year.


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