Crawling toward the Manger: Day 2

manger starBut when the time had fully come, God sent his son . . .Galatians 4:4

The manger is God’s idea. Nowhere in the Old Testament do we see an Israelite sit down and ponder, “If only Yahweh would become like us. Take on flesh. Then maybe we could learn to love him and have a chance at being saved.”

Though prophets foretold the coming of Christ, their message contained only bits and pieces and was veiled. No one was prepared for the incoming of a God-baby, a flesh-wearing God. Because the manger is God’s idea. His brilliant move.

Left to our own doing, we’d have done it backward. Moved toward him again and again, like whoever that Greek myth man was who kept rolling the world up the hill (Atlas?). And it would have remained hopeless, our efforts toppling back on us, squishing us into oblivion.

God moves first. His heavenly movement toward us is our invitation to journey toward him.

You see, God waited until that ideal moment in the history of the world, that “fully come” moment, to begin his subtle, flesh-wearing mission to recapture his people. This wasn’t some haphazard rushed operation. This wasn’t some imprudent reaction to the rush of sinners toward him. This was His journey. A well planned journey with a fail proof objective.

Do you hear the hope in this revelation? When we get it in our heads (or maybe we need it in our hearts) that God is moving, has been moving, will always be moving, toward you, your journey takes on the assurance of success.

Friend, your journey toward Christ is not without aim. The hope of God’s movement draws us. God moves toward us with such colossal width, that a heart directed toward finding Christ cannot help but be washed over by His kingdom wave.

Where do you need to recognize God’s movement in your life today? Not his “at work” movement, but his “coming after you” movement. How is he moving toward your marriage? Your job? Your broken heart or dreams?

Advent is not just about seeking the Christ-child but about being sought-out.

You are the sought-out one.


8 thoughts on “Crawling toward the Manger: Day 2

  1. Wow, I needed that today:) It amazes me how God intertwines our lives as well as His coming towards us. We just had a discussion today in class about how we can’t do enough good works to get to God so God came to us.


  2. I am so thankful Father God your steadfast love never ceases and your mercies never come to an end. Thank you for Your son Jesus who shows me this truth over and over again! And thank you Holy Spirit who in my times of victory or struggles remind me that i won’t be rejected as you speak to my heart saying “come as you are!” So like the wise men I keep on crawling towards the manger even though it seems so far!


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