Get On Your Knees–And Stay There

The stirring happens a bit after five. An awakeness stumbles into my sleep and jars me. I look at my husband’s clock, automatically doing the eight-minute math to make up for his funny time sensitivity that propels him to set his clock fast (as if time actually changes).

Not time to rise, so I roll over and push the alertness aside, seeking instead another half hour of sleep. Then, before I know it, the alarm is going off and I’m pushing the snooze. Too early. Too sleepy. Must. Get. Rest.

Now I’m reflecting on what would have happened if I’d obeyed the waking sensation at 5:15 and rose early to pray.

Mark 1,35

Not that rising early and praying is the ticket to answered prayer or a deeper spiritual life.

But how often do we miss the Spirit’s invitation because it’s inconvenient?

There’s always a good excuse not to get on our knees, and the best solution is to live on our knees. That is, bend the heart down and keep it there. Maintain that submissive posture to the Lord sometimes literally, but always metaphorically.

Kneeling is a posture of surrender, respect. All too often, we want to kneel only to ourselves and our own ideas. We’ve untethered ourselves from authority, making our hearts our own guide, doing what is right in our own eyes. And this is a problem.

Getting back on our knees and living from this position of submission reminds us that we answer to a higher authority. The highest authority. Jesus Christ, King of Kings.

Paul writes that someday every knee will bow to Jesus. Let’s bow now, before we don’t have a choice. Let’s live in that posture of humility.

So whether you actually drag yourself out of bed in the morning and fall to your knees, or whether your heart sits quiet at the cross of Christ during your lunch hour, get on your knees and stay there. Even as you walk about your routine, limp along injured from disappointments, and make the final sprint to bedtime.


4 thoughts on “Get On Your Knees–And Stay There

  1. I love this post, Sondra, but it’s not me.

    I’m too tired, and hurt too much, to get down to my knees. I won’t kneel to anyone, any more. I’m done, and only a nine to the head will do that, make me take a knee.

    I’ll meet God face to face, high-five to high-five. I’ll fistbump His Kid, and slap the Spook on the back.

    Got to go to Heaven. I think I’ve scared the Other Side too much, and they don’t want anything to do with me. They say I’m dying, so I’ll be dying loud, and let the demons of fear and hopelessness scream and writhe in horror, because I will NOT break faith.

    Maybe I’ve earned it, maybe not. I don’t know any more.

    But I’m on my feet, eyes up, and I won’t back down, not to anyone. I just hope God understands.

    I figure He’s a Marine. So I figure, yeah.

    He gets it.


  2. Andrew, I love your honesty. I think I hear your faith in your line about lifting your eyes up to God. Have read AW Tozer? He says faith is the eyes of the heart directed at God. Whatever semantics we use what’s important is that we glorify Christ as our savior. Grace through faith alone. And yes, the God who kicked the butt of death might be considered a marine! I’m thankful for you and those like you who sacrifice for us and bear the scars. Interesting that even after Christ rose from the grave he still bore the scars. Some scars never fade.


    1. Thank you, Sondra, means a lot. Losing a bit of blood at the moment, keeping the faith, going to run an iv blood expander. Don’t have phone, got to stay online, just in case.

      Tozer’s brill.

      Yeah, good that JC still had scars.

      Sorry this is disjointed. Hurting a bit. Good to go.


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